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Get Involved


Get recognised for your good behaviour this Halloween season, whether it be helping Mum or Dad make the school lunches, raking up the garden leaves, keeping a tidy bedroom, helping Nanna with her shopping, or walking the dog every day. Get your parents, teachers and neighbours to sponsor your good behavior to raise money for Rare Cancers Australia. How good can you be during the month of October?

Download the Sick or Treat Kids Toolkit for some great ideas.


  • Scarylicious Dinner Party
    Spider stew, Corn on the cobweb, blood orange cocktails. What will you serve up?
  • Haunted House Party
    Scare the socks off your neighbours with a party so good it’s scary!
  • Spooky Street Parties
    Get everyone in the neighbourhood involved in a street-wide spooky dress up!
  • Sick or Treating
    Knock on your neighbours doors and share your calling card, personalised with your own URL so that your neighbours can donate online.


  • Fearsome Sausage Sizzle/BBQ
    Host a sausage sizzle with a Halloween twist; bloody tomato sauce, awful onions and scary sausages.
  • Tea Time Treats
    Slippery snake cupcakes and black cat brownies will have all the ghouls and ghosts hungry for more.
  • Halloween Mufti Day/Gold Coin Dress Up
    Donate a gold coin and get students/staff to don their most thrilling threads.
  • Pumpkin Carving 
    Download our pumpkin carving template and create a jack-o-lantern to be proud of. Sell your pumpkins for a donation.
  • Spooky Short Stories
    Get the brain’s creative juices flowing. Host a Spooky Short Stories competition at your school this year.
  • The Spookiest Desk Space
    Invite everyone in your business to dress up their desk space: we’re talking cobwebs, jack-o-lanterns, bats and all things orange and black. Gold coin donation to participate.
  • Dress Up Dare
    Engage your staff with a best-dressed competition. Staff can donate to come dressed as their favourite superhero or Halloween-themed character.
  • Ghost-Together Nocturnal Drinks
    Put a spooky spin on after work drinks. Let good prevail with staff donating to register their attendance.
  • Halloween Inspired Dish or Drink
    Calling all chefs, mixologists, and all creative souls! Come up with a spooky drink or meal for your restaurant/cafe with proceeds of sale going to Sick or Treat!
  • Creepy Shop Window
    Retailers can put away the broom, there’s no need to clean out your shop window this October – during Sick or Treat the more cobwebs the better!