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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When is Sick or Treat?
    You can participate in Sick or Treat anytime during the month of October. This year, Halloween falls on Tuesday 31 October.
  2. How long will my event run for?
    You choose! The details of your Sick or Treat fundraiser are completely open to you to choose what your fundraising event looks like and when and where it takes place. You will be prompted for event details when you register your fundraising page.
  3. How can I register to take part in Sick or Treat?
    You can register your Sick or Treat Event on the Get Involved page.
  4. When can I register?
    Registrations for Sick or Treat 2017 are now open. Have fun and Start Fundraising.
  5. I want to get involved in Sick or Treat, but don’t want to host my own event. Is there a way to do this?
    Yes, you can search for and support Sick or Treat Fundraisers by visiting the Fundraisers page and donate to support them. You can also help us by raising awareness of our campaign by downloading Resources from our website and sharing them on your own website and social profiles.
  6. How do I share my participation on social media?
    We’d love to see all your creepiest, spookiest Sick or Treat moments! To celebrate Sick or Treat on social, use the hashtag #SickorTreat and don’t forget to tag us.
    Twitter: Tag @RareCancers
    Facebook: Tag @RareCancersAustralia
    Instagram: Tag @rarecancers
    LinkedIn: Tag @rare-cancers-australia
  7. How much does it cost to participate?
    Registration on is free. All you need to do is dream up a Sick or Treat fundraising idea, decide on a date, time and venue, then invite your friends near and far and fundraise for Rare Cancers Australia.
  8. How do I collect donations?
    If you’re hosting an event, you can get people to bring donations upon entry or donate to your own unique online fundraising page. Make sure you share the link.
  9. I'm stuck for ideas, what can I do?
    To celebrate Sick or Treat, all you need to do is host a Halloween-themed event this October and raise money to help Aussies living with rare and less common cancers. If you’re stuck for event ideas, we’ve got a whole heap of spook-errific inspiration for you on the Get Involved page to get the (eye)ball rolling for you!
  10. Where does my fundraising money go?
    Funds raised by you during Sick or Treat go directly to Rare Cancers Australia Ltd, a charity whose purpose is to improve awareness, support and help treat Australians diagnosed with a rare or less common cancer. We thank you for your support and generosity.
  11. Where do I send the money raised?
    For most people, the easiest way to collect money is by sharing your online fundraising page link. If you are collecting cash donations, then please click Resources and download the Donations Forms for details on how to bank the funds and to request a tax receipt.
  12. How much do I need to raise? Do I have to raise money to participate?
    Any amount, big or small, is graciously appreciated, and the awareness you will raise about the lesser-known hardships faced by rare and less common cancer patients in Australia will all help.
  13. Is there a dress code?
    Sick or Treat is a Halloween-themed campaign: anything and everything spooky and fun! Follow our social channels for more inspiration.
  14. Isn’t dressing up as a ghost or skeleton, etc. insensitive to cancer patients who may be facing their own mortality?
    As long as your Sick or Treat event is thrown in good taste and raises funds and awareness for rare cancers, it will be a great way to contribute meaningfully to your community and should not cause offence to anyone.
  15. Isn't Halloween just for Americans?
    Whether you love it or loathe it, more and more Australians are celebrating Halloween every year. It looks like Halloween is here to stay, so we figure why not embrace it in the best way possible and turn it into something really positive that will benefit Australians? Sick or Treat is a great way to justify the ‘indulgence’ aspect of Halloween and flip the notion on its head, by putting an Aussie twist on the celebration with added values of giving, goodness and fairness to what some have viewed as a dark, commercialised holiday. Let good prevail!
  16. What other RCA events are there?
    If you’d like to support us in ways beyond Sick or Treat, please see the Upcoming Events page on our official website
  17. How can I make contact for more information?
    Email us:
    Call us: 1800-257-600