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Sick or Treat is a brand new campaign designed to raise awareness, educate and fundraise in support of rare or less common cancer patients Australia-wide.  Our hope is that Sick or Treat will become an annual event to feature on your editorial calendar. Running October 1-31, Sick or Treat participants will come from all States and Territories from different communities – individuals, families, community groups and businesses nationwide.

If you are looking for an emotive and inspirational story look no further. In publishing news about Sick or Treat, you will give hope to the thousands of Aussies currently living with a rare or less common cancer. Sadly, their plight is often overlooked, but Sick or Treat aims to redress that and shine a light on the unique challenges and issues facing rare or less common cancer patients of today.

To interview Rare Cancers Australia Founders Richard and Kate Vines, a rare cancer patient, their loved ones, or a Sick or Treat participant, please contact  or call 0408 408 562.

Rare Cancers Australia is thankful for the support of Hill & Knowlton Strategies.

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